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This is a message from the Land&Freedom Camp on Clapham Common.  We are firmly rooted here, sheltered by the trees and encouraged by the positive and frequent interactions with the local community.  It is clear that people here are fed up with the prohibitively expensive housing in London, empty houses, lack of growing spaces and not having anytime for the things they care about (due to the economic burden they are carrying).

So far we have had some great events including a bike powered cinema screening of: ‘The Battle of Algiers’ (there is an Indymedia article here).  Yesterday we had a ‘land rights and housing discussion’ which was attended by several people living locally.  It was really insightful to hear the things people have to do to keep sheltered, eat and generally survive. Much common ground was established between all present with a consensus that the vast economic inequalities in land ownership and the draconian planning laws had to change for things to improve.

bike powered cinema for the common people

We have plenty of other events planned for the week (see our schedule below).  If you’d like to join us, there is plenty of space 8).  Please email: or call: 07963 475 195 if you have any questions or are trying to find us.  There is a map below).




Land right's & housing discussion

Land&Freedom Schedule

Land and Freedom Camp 18/09/2011

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  1. Simple. They accumulate assets that are not taxed.

    99% of taxes fall on our work, enterprise and savings

    The rest falls on land.

    So which asset do you think the asset rich  own the most of?

    Banks are the biggest land owners by mortgages. They get a lot of state benefits in bonuses and bailouts. The 99% pays for all that.

    Is is now possible to see that taxing wealth does not tax the asset rich?

    And can we see now why the asset rich just love taxes sooooo much?

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