Update on the Land & Freedom Camp

This is an update on the Land & Freedom Camp: a 7 day open exhibition and demonstration taking place on Clapham Common from Sat 17th Sept til Sun 25th Sept.

The aim of the camp is to highlight the issue of the economics of land ownership and the politics and laws regarding the use of the land locally and globally.  We want to communicate the myriad of effects that the current system has including:

  • the almost complete restriction of access to land to live (and grow) autonomously and sustainably by common people in the UK and around the world due to laws governing use of the land and/or economic domination of it by the few (despite there being over 5 acres of land for every human being on earth) *
  • the ensuing effect of artificial scarcity of available land that the restriction of access creates: driving up the cost of housing and reducing it’s availability in both cities and the rural areas.  This creates a slave culture where people struggle to make end’s meet in crammed urban environments or as for the most of the world’s population even to put food in their mouths.
  • the modern legacy of political structures that serve the interests of the land owning establishment which have been previously constructed through history by the same priveleged group.
  • the laws and land grabs which these structures continue to push forward  dispossessing people locally and globally: whether it be the UK Gov’s agenda to ban squatting, evicting people from their land (Dale Farm) or as in Africa with the forced dispossession of people from the land they depend on for their survival.
  • the completely undemocratic, unsustainable and dangerous control of the natural resources by private corporations for profit, monopolising production of humanities bare necessities: food, fuel, water and so on. The result: food scarcity, destruction of eco-systems, climate change, peak oil etc…

We go peacefully to Clapham Common calling for a radical change in the economics of land ownership: a redistribution of land locally and globally and a reform of the laws which currently prevent reasonable access to the land by the common people.
We are common people!

Land & Freedom Camp opening ceremony
On Saturday 17th September, we will be meeting at the Bandstand on Clapham Common from 12 O’Clock onwards for the opening ceremony of the Land & Freedom Camp.  Join us, whether you intend to stay the night or not.  There will be some music, presentations, a people’s assembly, games and a picnic.  If you want to, bring an instrument, some food and/or a game that groups can play.

Event: Land & Freedom Camp opening ceremony.
Time: 12 Noon onwards.
Location: Bandstand, Clapham Common.
Map link: http://tinyurl.com/6l66xw4
Transport: Clapham Common tube or Clapham South. Buses from Clapham Junction.
Contact: 07963 475 195 for any questions.

Banner Making Session @ Passing Clouds in Dalston this Monday

If you fancy making some beautiful banners, this Monday (12th Sept), there will be an oppurtunity to paint banners for the Land & Freedom Camp at Passing Clouds from 6-8 p.m   If you are able to please bring along paint and or banner material/brushes.

Event: L&F banner making session
Time: 6-8 p.m
Location: Passing Clouds, Dalston, E8,
Map Link: http://tinyurl.com/5rwam74
Transport: Haggerston/ Dalston Kingsland.
Contact: 07963 475 195.

Final planning meeting @ the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday.

The final open planning meeting for the Land & Freedom Camp will be this Wednesday (14th Sept) in the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London from 6 p.m onwards. The purpose of the meeting will be logistical preparation for Saturday’s opening ceremony and the rest of the camp, PR strategy organisation and networking the event.

Event: final L&F planning meeting.
Time: 6 p.m
Location: Blue Zone, 4th Floor, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London.
Map link: http://tinyurl.com/5voqotw
Transport: nearest tube: Waterloo
Contact: 07963475195

Call out for presentations, music and performance for Land & Freedom Camp

Have you got something you would like to present relating to the core issues of the Land & Freedom Camp?  Perhaps you’d like to express yourself through music, poetry, theatre or another art form? Have you got an activity or workshop that will empower people?  If so, please send an email to landandfreedomcamp@aktivix.org with what it is that you want to do and we can organise a time and day with you to do it on Clapham Common between 17th Sept and the 25th.  If you’d prefer, just come along to the camp itself (exact details of the location to be posted on landandfreedomcamp.squat.net on the 17th Sept).

We are currently short of: tarps, tents, banner material, cooking pots, food & water containers.  If you can help with all or any of these, please email: landandfreedomcamp@aktivix.org, call or text: 07963 475 195.  Thx 8)

Videography, real journalism, photography, art, cooking, communicating, facilitating, skipping, tatting & funning 8)

Join the networks and help spread the word:


follow us on Twitter : @freetheland


Fliers and posters for sharing and printing.

Poster——–>https://we.riseup.net/land andfreedom/land-freedom-ca mp-poster+105652

Flier———–>https://we.riseup.net/asse ts/65289/Reclaim%20the%20c ommons1.pdf

Contact: landandfreedom.squat.net
Tel: 07963 475 195.


“Propriety and single interest divides the people of a land and the whole world into parties and is the cause of all wars and bloodshed and contention everywhere”

Gerrard Winstanley & 14 others TheTrue Levellers Standard Advanced – April, 1649

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